my beautiful tomorrow 


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The subjects from the archive 'My Beautiful Tomorrow' can see themselves in their deeply forgotten childhoods, during the times of irregularly changing paradigms, such as the ones from the late 1990s and early 2000s; when the last fragments of the Soviet Empire were barely visible, as they started to increasingly transition toward something else. The archival series of photographs introduces the viewer to an era of cramped coexistence between the parents' clear vision of happiness and success—an idealised image grabbed from the withdrawing century—and the new imported values and technologies—which gave birth to a widespread phenomenon: idealised photographic services directed at school or kindergarten pupils. The first users of such early versions of Photoshop soon created new "advanced" characters and immediately occupied this niche market of children photography.

The series puts both its subjects and its viewers face to face with the rite of passage; it actualises the notion of a long past reality that we are unable to interact with any longer; it serves as a vehicle for the reconstruction of an innocent child's memory that is soon to be destroyed under the pressure of the newly imposed rules of the game.